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Sunshine blogger award

In the #40daysblogging a lot of people were passing the Sunshine Blogger Award to each other.  I've received it from Faniekencards  here who gave me the following questions. I was a bit surprised but honoured to notice that I blogger which I only just recently discovered had thought of me.

What is the significance of creativity to you?What is your favourite hobbyModern art or classic artWhat did you want to be when you grew upWho do you look up to?What are you favourite subjects to write about?What is your favourite movie?A handmade gift or buying something quickly eg for a birthdayWhat do your prefer receiving (handmade...)Favourite quote?Feel like exchanging something creative to each other?
1. What is the significance of creativity to you?

Creativity in question lists like this, in professional innovation workshops, in social media etc, seems like a must. Creativity is valued highly in our society and I can understand why. But I don't consider myself very creative.  I seem to …

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